Doctorate Of Business Administration

Begin your journey to excellence with our prestigious Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program, offered in partnership with the renowned International Business School of Scandinavia (IBSS). This program is tailored for ambitious professionals seeking to deepen their business expertise and propel their careers to new heights. Whether you are looking to enhance your leadership skills, advance your knowledge in business practices, or drive impactful changes in your organization, our DBA program provides the perfect platform.



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Advanced Business Knowledge

Deepen your understanding of advanced business concepts and practices that are crucial for high-level management and executive roles. • Enhanced Leadership Skills: Develop the necessary skills to lead teams and organizations effectively, fostering innovation and strategic thinking.

Career Advancement

The DBA program opens doors to senior management and executive positions, significantly enhancing your career opportunities.

Practical Experience

Engage in real-world projects and case studies that bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with a diverse network of professionals, academics, and industry leaders from around the globe, expanding your professional network.

Personal Growth

Challenge yourself with rigorous academic work that enhances your analytical, research, and decision-making skills.

Global Perspective

Gain insights into international business strategies and practices, preparing you for leadership in a globalized economy

Flexible Learning Options

: Study anytime, anywhere. Balance your education with personal and professional life seamlessly.

Increased Earning Potential

A DBA degree can significantly boost your earning potential by qualifying you for higher-level positions within the business industry.

Program Highlights

The Program is designed by Industry Leaders and Domain Experts from Stanford University and Microsoft



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The program is structured with four milestones

Course Curriculum

Topics include variable construction from Compustat, CRSP, and IBES data, econometric challenges like measurement error and multicollinearity, plus special topics such as fixed effects regression and textual analysis in finance and accounting research. .

Doctoral course on AI/ML in business research. Covers theory vs. AI/ML, regression, ANOVA, surveys, ESM, Excel for visualization. Hands-on approach for replicating top-tier journal analysis.

Course explores financial decisions in imperfect markets: taxes, asymmetric info, agency costs, market inefficiencies, behavioral biases. Mix of theory, empirical analysis, and paper critiques.

DBA seminar explores international business and finance, equipping students to evaluate scholarly research and contribute original insights. Covers multinational firms, trade theories, globalization, foreign exchange, and international financial markets.

Course teaches students structural equation modeling (SEM) for analyzing latent variables. Covers confirmatory factor analysis, validity, mediation, moderation from regression analysis basics.

Course introduces statistical tools for hypothesis testing and linear models, essential for extracting insights from quantitative and qualitative data. Gain understanding and practical application of statistical concepts for research purposes.

Course explores human cognition in organizational contexts, addressing perception, interpretation, decision-making, and managerial implications. Integrates management, behavioral economics, psychology theories, and research methods for understanding and predicting behavior in workplaces.

Seminar readies doctoral candidates for research in organizational and behavioral sciences. Emphasizes research design logic, methodologies, and methodological challenges, prioritizing over analytical/statistical concerns.

Explores the intricacies of consumer decision-making in diverse contexts, integrating psychology, marketing, and socio-economic factors.

Doctoral course on multivariate statistics emphasizes practical application over theory. Learn various analysis methods, interpretation, SPSS usage, and result visualization for research. Assumes basic statistical knowledge.

Course reviews diverse accounting research topics and methods. Covers accounting information use, capital markets, standard setting, auditing, taxation, and governance. Methods: archival data analysis, experiments, surveys,modeling.

Doctoral course: publishing process, academia career insights, strategic leadership & governance theories. Foundation for business scholarship, applicable across domains. Reading list offers starting points for research interests.

Explores advanced subjects relevant to DBA candidates, fostering deeper understanding and skill development for academic and professional success..

Course cultivates strategy scholars adept at synthesizing and communicating theoretical and empirical research for academic and industry audiences. Focus on value creation, appropriation, innovation. Projects include replications/extensions, policy implications, scholarly debates, and interventions assessment.

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Domain Specialization & Electives

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Banking, Finance, & Insurance: You will work on Projects such as Churn Analysis, Risk-Reward Analysis, Stock Market Analysis and Fraud Analysis.
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Ecommerce & Marketing: You will learn Customer lifetime Analysis, Ad Campaign Analysis, Market Basket Analysis & Dynamic Pricing from this segment.
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Healthcare & Pharmacy: You will learn Payer and Provider Analytics, Analytics used in the Pharmaceutical Industry to understand core Healthcare Concepts.
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HR & Operations: You will learn Attrition Analysis, Promotion Analysis, Productivity Analysis & Resource Optimization to understand core BFSI Concepts.
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Frequently Asked Question?

The program duration is 3 years but can be finalized in minimum 2 years.

Yes, our DBA program offers a flexible online learning format catering to busy professionals globally.

Applicants are required to have a master's degree in business along with 3+ years of professional work experience

Absolutely. The program is designed to accommodate working professionals, offering a flexible schedule that allows students to balance their studies with professional commitments

Students receive extensive support from faculty advisors, industry experts, and access to research resources and networking opportunities..

A DBA focuses on applying research to practical business problems, preparing graduates for executive-level business careers, whereas a PhD is more theoretical and prepares candidates primarily for academic or research careers.